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EdTech 10: Thank You For Coming Back

Here are 10 edtech stories about tools and resources we hope will help teachers out a bit this year, so they want to continue coming back and dedicating their time, energy and passion to the growth of our students.

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Parent Checklist: Is Your Child’s School Student-Centered?

In honor of our Smart Parents: Parenting for Powerful Learning one year anniversary, here is a checklist for parents who want to learn more about what student-centered learning looks like and whether or not it is happening in their student's school.

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The Advantages to Different Mentoring Paths on Robotics Teams

By: Dr. Nathan Dolenc. K-12 robotics programs have become increasingly popular in the past decade, and having mentors for students is an important part of the learning process. Here are the advantages to both high and low mentor involvement on these teams.

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How to Motivate Your Student For Back-to-School

By: Letise Dennis. From the youngest to the oldest in your household, they all have unique and individual motivational factors. So this year, when preparing for back-to-school, try these ideas for getting K12 students motivated based on their age.

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5 Ways To Get Parents Involved in Student Learning Beyond Homework

By: Vlada Lotkina. Research shows U.S. schools assign a lot of homework, especially in lower grades. However, getting parents involved in their student's learning can help alleviate this growing issue, and here are five ways teachers suggest doing this.

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K12 Inc.

K12 Inc. is leading the transformation to individualized learning as the nation's foremost provider of technology-powered online solutions for students in pre-kindergarten through high school.

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Smart Review | The Un-Prescription for Autism

By: Courtnie Rederick. As a special education teacher and mother of a son with autism, I was interested in what this author shares about natural alternatives for symptoms manifested by autism.

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To My Autistic Son’s New Teacher, Before the First Day of School

By: Courtnie Rederick. As both the mother of an autistic child and a teacher, here is a letter I wrote to my son's new teacher offering my support and partnership during the upcoming school year.

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