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Learning for Life: New Skills for New Jobs

Predicting the future is challenging, but Global Education Futures has developed a thoughtful view of successful future student learning--one that is a bit different in language and tone than the U.S. dialogue.

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Huntley Blend Provides Support & Flexibility

Huntley Community School District 158 has implemented several innovations in its schools, including its high school blended learning program that offers students control over the time, place and pace at which they work.

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Merging with technology with man and machine coming together and merging into one as a technological concept of human computer engineering joining together with the intelligence of people.


Artificial Intelligence is Reshaping Life On Earth: 101 Examples

This month I’ve been tracking news headlines to get a sense for how widespread Artificial Intelligence applications have become. With a couple news alerts and searches, I spotted these 101 current applications.

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Developing Minds Ready for the Innovation Economy

The best preparation to help today's students to succeed in a future innovation economy would be non-routine assignments requiring the application of knowledge to challenging problems--also known as project-based learning.

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International Educators Encourage Collaborative Teaching

Tim Stuart and a dozen other international education leaders collaborated on his latest book, Global Perspectives: Professional Learning Communities at Work in International Schools, which centers on the concept of Professional Learning Communities.

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Buck Institute for Education

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Buck Institute for Education (BIE)

The nonprofit Buck Institute for Education (BIE) is the world's leading provider of K-12 resources and professional development for Project Based Learning (PBL). BIE believes all students can and should benefit from this transformational teaching method.

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Rethinking High School Graduation Requirements: Project & Microcredentials

The majority of graduation requirements in today's schools have looked similar for over a century. It's time to rethink what today's graduates should know and be able to do, as well as our teaching approach.

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Blog Series

Thank You For Coming Back

Thanks to teachers, school administrators, and everyone that supports them. Thanks for coming back for another school year.

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