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Smart Cities: Phoenix

Openness to new ideas, smart impact investors, new school models, strong university presence, and a few high capacity districts suggests that Phoenix may be on the rise

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Lessons from KIPP Math Blends

The KIPP Chicago team found that strong classroom management is key to ensuring success of instructional technology. They also found that teachers benefit most from synthesized, actionable data--and training on how to use it. Teachers need to know how to use the programs.

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Smart Cities: New Orleans

Events like Mini Maker Faire prove that the future of school in New Orleans is a community effort - an effort by an entire city to invest in creativity, entrepreneurship, job creation in entire new industries, and the future of an entire city

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How Government Helps and Harms Entrepreneurs

Thirty years ago there were a couple dozen incubators, now there are a couple thousand; there's even an association. A dated survey suggests about one-third of business incubation programs are sponsored by economic development organizations, one fifth by cities or counties, another fifth by higher education.

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The Need for Design, Planning & Implementation Support

This is not “EdReform.” We’re going through a phase change, one that is fundamentally altering the way human beings learn and develop, how they communicate their capabilities, and how the work and relate to the world.

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Digital Learning Now!

Digital Learning Now! is a national campaign to advance policies that will create a high quality digital learning environment to better prepare students with the knowledge and skills to succeed in college and careers.



5 Ideas Likely to Make a Big Impact

The great thing about the IFC audience is the unusual commitment to impact and entrepreneurship.

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Strong States & Common Standards

When talk turns to innovation, we usually think of a wizbang app, but advances in public policy can have an even bigger impact particularly on disadvantaged neighborhoods. The two most important policy advances in the last twenty years are Common Core State Standards and stronger state roles in education policy.

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