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Code Schools: New Route to Great Jobs

Code schools are an affordable option for Millennials seeking a great first job or Baby Boomers retooling for a new career. Flatiron, General Assembly and Bloc are three examples with strong placements.

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Global Employment Markets Reward Competence & Initiative

The global economy is expanding opportunity for billions but participation demands competence and initiative. Online learning--both formal and informal-- is expanding access to knowledge and skill building.

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5 Options Allow GenDIY to Rethink College

Finish high school, go to college, graduate four or five years later and go to work--only it doesn’t work that way very often for Millennials. The GenDIY hack on higher education is a series of solutions that boosts affordability, flexibility, and employability.

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Transform Middle Grade Education–Apply to Summit Basecamp

The is the most important work being done in secondary education today--and you could be part of it.

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Next Gen Higher Ed: Blended, Personalized & Competency-based

New highered options are bringing fast, flexible solutions for adults balancing work and family obligations just in time as young adult unemployment remains high, but thoughts of going back to school to finish up a degree still daunting.

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Foundation for Excellence in Education

The Foundation for Excellence in Education is igniting a movement of reform, state by state, to transform education for the 21st century economy. Excellence in Action, the organization’s flagship initiative, is working with lawmakers and policymakers to advance education reform across America.



The Future of Assessment

New report by Sir Michael Barber and Dr. Peter Hill outlines six key features of the education revolution and shares how we are on the brink of an assessment renaissance that will help secure high standards for all.

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Good work

Good Work: 5 Strategies for Developing Your Mental Model

Your mental model is a product of knowledge and productive dispositions. You can improve your mental model by reading broadly and deeply, seeking feedback, writing and managing your mindset.

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