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Teacher Effectiveness – A Race to Nowhere Redux (The Urgency of Now)

By: Alvin Crawford. How do we attack challenges that have to do with educational equity for all students? How do we build strong teachers and leaders that are able to help students prepare for college and careers? It's time to consider a new avenue.

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21st Century Education: Not Just Relationships, But Also Partnerships and Personalization

By: Dr. Kenneth W. Eastwood. Let's drop the debating and move to a more inclusive discussion on how relationships, partnerships, technology, and new strategic instructional models can make teaching and learning more effective and efficient for all.

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Infographic: Higher Ed’s New Normal

Infographic demostrates just how much has changed in higher ed since the days of Thriller, big hair, and mix tapes.

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Learning for the Future: Beyond the Textbook

Let’s work together to help prepare students’ minds and spirits so they can move with assurance into their lives—primed to meet their potential and achieve success.

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What You Need to Know About Online Learning Today

By: David Miller. Research has come out that allows us to get an idea of how online education compares to traditional, in-person education. Here are recent findings about the growth of online learning.

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MIND Research Institute

The nonprofit MIND Research Institute is dedicated to solving math education in America. Its uniquely visually-based ST Math instructional software program is helping children across the country dramatically improve their math proficiency and become life-long learners for today’s innovation-driven workplace.

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The Importance of STEM Education for K-2 Learners

Science 4 Us shares why STEM education is important for even our youngest learners who already have the gift for exploration and experimentation.

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IX Reasons STEM Needs Title IX: Lessons From Center Court

By: Janine Ingram. It's time for girls in STEM to get a Title IV revolution. Here's 9 reasons why.

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