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Say Hello to The Netflix Generation

By: James Cross. Today's students are the ‘Netflix Generation’ — they've grown up in a world where video is available instantly, on-demand, and on any device. With video now accounting for 43% of all online traffic, forward thinking colleges and universities are looking to explore the rich educational possibilit...

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Solving Global Challenges with Cross Disciplinary Initiatives

By: Julie Keane, PhD. Global challenges can only be addressed by cross disciplinary initiatives that bring together science art and the humanities. We must cross these boundaries.

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Education Camps and Their Contribution to Skill Development in Children

By: Carole Thompson. Educational camps offer intensive training in focused STEM areas like software programming, bio-engineering, pure mathematics, engineering and more to help your kid leap ahead of competition without taking away the joy of vacation time. They focus

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How Google Glass Can Be Used in Education

By: Monica Wells. Google Glass offers many possible uses in the classroom. In this post we'll concentrate on five areas that can be radically changed with the use of this cutting-edge device, helping both students and teachers to render the learning process smoother and engaging.

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Las Vegas: Downtown Project, Blended Progress

“Education is the bedrock on which a truly great city is built,” according to Tony Hsieh. His Downtown Projects is reshaping the old city center north of the Vegas Strip. Clark Co has some great magnets and blending learning plans.

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Quality Collective Impact = Impactful Innovation

By: Jeff Edmonson and Greg Landsman. Collective impact is wonderful concept that is at the risk of becoming yet another social sector buzz word. Investors, researchers and practitioners are all confused as they look for solid examples, but instead find cases where the word “collaboration” seems to have been replac...

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Student Entrepreneurship in Action

By: Esther Wojcicki. What does it take to get students interested in learning entrepreneurial skills? I can tell you what doesn’t work---teaching to the test, which is unfortunately is a national obsession today. Testing does not lead to real world skills.

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