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LDC School District Kenton County (KY) Cited as a “Trailblazer”

By: Jeannie Sharkey. Learn how the use of LDC science and social studies modules district-wide has been instrumental in creating rigorous, literacy-rich assignments to prepare Kenton County students for success in college and career.

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Blended Learning: Better than Hermione’s Time Turner

By: Chris Mabley and Michael Dolan. Last Fall, Chris Mabley, an educator with 45 years experience at several of the best private schools in the country, saw enough potential in personalized learning to pilot blended learning in one of his two Algebra 2 sections.

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Sales 101 for Edtech Entrepreneurs

By: Eileen Rudden and Marissa Lowman. This week, LearnLaunch began a series of four classes on sales for edtech entrepreneurs. LearnLaunch, Boston’s EdTech community, campus, and accelerator, brings together over 240 edtech startups to participate in events, peer learning groups, and conferences.

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Let’s Persevere With College and Career Ready

By: JoEllen Lynch. I get frustrated sometimes that we refuse to commit resources to the adolescents we have and continue to fail in our systems. We need the people, tools and models to get all students work and college ready.

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5 Gifts to Give Learners… When We Get Out of the Way

By: Tracy Clark. Recently I wrote about what happened when I let my learners actually move to the center of the learning conversation. Through continued reflection on past, present, and future learning experiences I am responsible for creating, I put together this list of the gifts I’m learning to give when I get out...

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MIND Research Institute

The nonprofit MIND Research Institute is dedicated to solving math education in America. Its uniquely visually-based ST Math instructional software program is helping children across the country dramatically improve their math proficiency and become life-long learners for today’s innovation-driven workplace.

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Infographic: #PLearning Framework (Part 2 of the Series)

By: Justin DeLeon. While many of us want to deliver a more customized experience for our students; designing and implementing a personalized classroom can be overwhelming. In fact, it stops some of us in our tracks.

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10 Things to Consider When Choosing Digital Tools for Students Ahead of the Curve

By: Catelyn Cantrell. What I want to talk about is how to recognize and select tools for the students who are working beyond their grade level. Digital tools enable strong students to direct their learning to places outside the restrictions of the conventional classroom setting.

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