Smart Series Guide To EdTech Procurement

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Smart Series Guide to EdTech Procurement
Authored by: John Bailey, Daniel Owens, Carri Schneider, Tom Vander Ark, Rob Waldron
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In partnership with: Digital Learning Now, Foundation for Excellence in Education

This is the tenth paper in a series of interactive papers that provides specific guidance regarding the adoption of Common Core State Standards and the shift to personal digital learning.

“Smart Series Guide to EdTech Procurement” sets out to help school and district leaders think through the key decisions in planning for the shift to blended learning. The goal is to create a framework for EdTech purchasing by offering practical advice to guide key decisions, sharing lessons learned from districts that have already made the digital shift, discussing the implications for blended learning, and providing examples of best practices in education policy that support smart procurement.

After setting the stage for smart procurement in the context of the national shift to personalized learning, authors describe 12 keys to smart EdTech procurement:

  1. Take Inventory
  2. Determine the Educational Priorities
  3. Exercise Caution on Customization
  4. Pursue Collaborative Investigation and Purchases
  5. Demand Guarantees & Assurances
  6. Make Real Comparisons
  7. Conduct A Pilot
  8. Prioritize Data Sharing and Interoperability
  9. Remember that Service Matters
  10. Consider Total Cost of Ownership
  11. Close the Deal
  12. Implement, Implement, Implement.

Download “Smart Series Guide to EdTech Procurement

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