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5 Keys to Making Algebra Work + 20 Resources Designed to Help

How do we make sure that algebra attracts students to advanced mathematics courses rather than repels them away? Here are 5 things worth thinking about when it comes to finding the best solutions for learning and practicing algebra and 20 resources worth checking out.

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5 Big EdTech Trends: What They Mean for EdLeaders & Edupreneurs

I spent a lot of time at eeast coast meetings this week with teachers and education providers that are both trying to navigate the blended learning landscape. Here are 5 trends we talked about and next steps for EdLeaders and Edupreneurs.

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A Gold Mine of #EdTech Resources: Part I

So, in the spirit of Mrs. Kelly, and to kick-off the new school year, I embark on a two-part series of sharing all the edtech resources I have stored in my mental Rolodex. Or, at least, all that I still use and care to remember. Thanks in no small part to all the amazing colleagues who have shared with me throughout my...

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New in Texas Edu in 2014

Here's a look into what is new in Texas education this year.

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The Cost of Raising & Educating Kids

Recently heightened cost pressures suggest the need to develop better and cheaper learning options for kids. Competency-based and blended models appear to be the most productive and raise academic results.

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Curriculum Associates

Curriculum Associates designs research-based, print and online instructional materials, assessment tools, and data management resources. We believe every student deserves the chance to succeed and with our easy-to-use i-Ready®, Ready®,and BRIGANCE® programs, we strive to make a meaningful impact on student outcomes.

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Beyond Traditional Silos: Connecting Humanities to Real World, Deeper Learning, & STEM

The humanities and STEM really do go hand in hand (hence the increased emphasis on STEAM). We also see this content integration throughout schools that incorporate Deeper Learning and Project-Based Learning as foundational approaches to learning.

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What You Need to Know About Online Learning Today

By: David Miller. Research has come out that allows us to get an idea of how online education compares to traditional, in-person education. Here are recent findings about the growth of online learning.

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