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New in Texas Edu in 2014

Here's a look into what is new in Texas education this year.

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The Cost of Raising & Educating Kids

Recently heightened cost pressures suggest the need to develop better and cheaper learning options for kids. Competency-based and blended models appear to be the most productive and raise academic results.

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Beyond Traditional Silos: Connecting Humanities to Real World, Deeper Learning, & STEM

The humanities and STEM really do go hand in hand (hence the increased emphasis on STEAM). We also see this content integration throughout schools that incorporate Deeper Learning and Project-Based Learning as foundational approaches to learning.

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What You Need to Know About Online Learning Today

By: David Miller. Research has come out that allows us to get an idea of how online education compares to traditional, in-person education. Here are recent findings about the growth of online learning.

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IX Reasons STEM Needs Title IX: Lessons From Center Court

By: Janine Ingram. It's time for girls in STEM to get a Title IV revolution. Here's 9 reasons why.

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K12 Inc.

K12 Inc. is leading the transformation to individualized learning as the nation's foremost provider of technology-powered online solutions for students in pre-kindergarten through high school.



NCAA Way Out of Bounds for Outlawing Online

Thousands of student athletes are ineligible to compete in college because the NCAA took on a job where they had no business. The NCAA needs to fix this situation. It’s bad for education, dangerous for the online learning sector and, more importantly, it’s bad for thousands of students.

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Students running to school - Post


Add to the School Supply List: Mindsets Emphasizing Effort, Attitude, and Respect

Pens, pencils and paper shouldn't be the only things on your school supply list this year. Don't forget to equip your students with mindsets like effort, respect and attitude.

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