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Pre-#EIE14 Experience: Blended D.C. Policy Hackathon

Team Getting Smart joins fellow EdLeaders in Washington for a hackathon on policy levers and potential barriers that may enable or inhibit next gen models in states.

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Coding In The Classroom: How Teachers Are Learning To Code

By: Melinda Barlow. It's the foundation level action that is necessary for real progress in coding to be made: teachers learning how to teach coding, students learning coding in class.

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5 Ways to Become More Comfortable With Technology in Your Classroom

By: Jessica Sanders. Educators are all at different levels of EdTech implementation. Here are five things for those beginning the shift to digital learning to practice to grow familiar and comfortable.

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#BlendedJourney: Sharing Your Blended Learning Story

This year at iNACOL, we were able to moderate an excellent and inspiring conversation about blended learning by simply asking people to share their journey. Learn more about what excites educators and the trends that are on the horizon in this twitter recap.

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If Online Courses Support Personalized Learning, Then Why Aren’t We Using Them?

We say that we want students to own their education, to be invested in what and why they are learning, but are we realistically putting them in a position to want to learn? Online courses provide an opportunity for schools across the country to offer a larger variety of courses with expert teachers.

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Skilling Up Fast with Core Skills Mastery

According to founder David Goldberg, Core Skills Mastery delivers literacy, problem solving and work skills at levels better than the skills and dispositions of most college graduates.

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Photoblog | Getting Smart at #iNACOL14 Day 3

Photos from Team Getting Smart at day three iNACOL Blended and Online Learning Symposium (#iNACOL14), that brought together 2,500 experts and educational leaders.

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