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Modernizing E-Rate to Connect Kids

The potential of technology to personalize learning, to boost achievement and to better equip learners to thrive in college and career is no secret. Yet, to realize this potential, kids must be connected. All kids.

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Performance-Based Assessment in Action

Close your eyes and imagine an innovative school, a next-generation school that excels at preparing students to thrive in college and career.

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Preparing Teachers for Deeper Learning

One of the most exciting ideas presented in the paper is what we truly believe to be the future of teacher preparation and ongoing development--micro-credentials, likely displayed as digital badges--that would signify accomplishment and measure and reward competency-based outcomes for educators.

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Infographic: Smart EdTech Requires Buying Smart

To preview the paper, DLN released the infographic “Smart EdTech Requires Buying Smart.” The infographic lists 12 rules of smart EdTech procurement, provides 6 ways to modernize procurement policy and offers advice on creating customized technology bundles.

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Breathing Life into Urban Ed with Blended Learning

I recently had the opportunity to visit the latest addition to the Carpe Diem family - Cincinnati's Carpe Diem at Aiken. The newly-born school, still in its earliest weeks of life having just opened in the fall, is already showing signs of improving opportunities for students who stand the most to gain from an educatio...

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Six Red Marbles

Six Red Marbles creates interactive learning programs and online courses for schools, publishers, universities, and education services companies. Our Natural Learning(tm) approach unleashes the potential in all learners, accelerating their achievement and making the world just a little bit better.



Online & Blended Learning Resources

iNACOL is an incredible resource for educators, leaders, policymakers and anyone interested in tracking developments in personalized learning. Keep up with iNACOL news and news across the field by signing up for Plugged In and keep an eye on the iNACOL website for webinars, new resources, and blog posts that track curr...

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Next-Gen World Language Learning

As the paper shows, there is no reason why all American students shouldn't have access to high-quality language instruction, thanks to advances in technology and the potential of blended learning to bring new tools for language instruction to the classroom.

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