LDC School District Kenton County (KY) Cited as a “Trailblazer”

By: Jeannie Sharkey. Learn how the use of LDC science and social studies modules district-wide has been instrumental in creating rigorous, literacy-rich assignments to prepare Kenton County students for success in college and career.

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Smart Cities: Phoenix

Openness to new ideas, smart impact investors, new school models, strong university presence, and a few high capacity districts suggests that Phoenix may be on the rise

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Sales 101 for Edtech Entrepreneurs

By: Eileen Rudden and Marissa Lowman. This week, LearnLaunch began a series of four classes on sales for edtech entrepreneurs. LearnLaunch, Boston’s EdTech community, campus, and accelerator, brings together over 240 edtech startups to participate in events, peer learning groups, and conferences.

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‘Digital Leadership’ a Must-Read for Educators at All Levels

Throughout his book, Sheninger shares narratives of actual educators in actual schools who have acknowledged the need to leverage educational technology for learning and successfully done so through their vision and a willingness to act.

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Smart Cities: New Orleans

Events like Mini Maker Faire prove that the future of school in New Orleans is a community effort - an effort by an entire city to invest in creativity, entrepreneurship, job creation in entire new industries, and the future of an entire city

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PresenceLearning is the leading provider of online speech therapy and other special education-related services. PresenceLearning’s nationwide network of hundreds of highly qualified clinicians includes speech language pathologists (SLPs), occupational therapists (OTs) and other related services professionals.

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The Need for Design, Planning & Implementation Support

This is not “EdReform.” We’re going through a phase change, one that is fundamentally altering the way human beings learn and develop, how they communicate their capabilities, and how the work and relate to the world.

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5 Ideas Likely to Make a Big Impact

The great thing about the IFC audience is the unusual commitment to impact and entrepreneurship.

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