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10 Lessons Learned from Game Changers and Ground Breakers

For the last year, we have been following several of these NGLC game changers and ground breakers and have learned from both their challenges and their successes. When asked about the lessons learned that they would share with those looking to embark on a similar journey of education transformation, these personalized ...

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READ 180


Leading Students to a World of Possible

Sally Doulton shares her experience how visiting schools half way around the world showed her that no matter where you are, Teachers have the power to open students to a world of possible.

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Preparing Students for Careers & Developing a Workforce

In this blog, Tom Vander Ark gives a glimpse into the upcoming book, "Smart Cities That Work For Everyone." Learn how civic infrastructure and leadership assist in creating life-long learning and excellence.

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Happy 80th Anniversary Communications Act: Time for a Rewrite

The Communications Act of 1934 still governs telecommunications in America and while updated periodically, it has not been modernized in 18 years. From phones to television to technology that hadn't previously existed, a lot has changed but dated regulations continue to view the communications sector in silos for disti...

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Who Moved My Desk?

In a back to school meeting last week, a 5th year teacher had a "Who Moved My Cheese" moment over the loss of her desk due to a shift to blended learning.

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Read 180

READ 180, the most effective system for raising student achievement in grades 4-12+ is the most powerful tool to prepare students to meet the rigorous reading and writing expectations of the new standards. READ 180 will ensure all students have an explicit and accelerated path to college and career readiness.

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Improving Student Engagement With Course Access

By: Neil Campbell. Course Access provides students with more control and autonomy over their learning and can help motivate and engage students by enabling them to select whatever courses they want, in the formats they prefer.

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Barbara Dreyer


Lessons in Leadership: Remembering Barbara Dreyer

Founder and CEO of Connections Education, Barbara Dreyer was an unassuming but powerful leader that helped launch the online learning revolution.

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