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STEM Ideas From GeekGirlCon ’14

Teacher Blogger Winifred Kehl reports back from Geek Girl Con '14, the annual celebration of women contributing to science and technology, with coding resources, scholarship information, and club opportunities.

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Deeper Learning: How Eight Innovative Public Schools Are Transforming Education

Monica Martinez and Dennis McGrath promise a book of inspiring stories about Deeper Learning, and that's exactly what they deliver with Deeper Learning: How Eight Innovative Public Schools Are Transforming Education in the Twenty-First Century.

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Thank a Teacher

A lot of people will fondly recall a specific teacher who made a difference in their life. Some people even track down their former teachers to say thank you, or keep in touch long after leaving school. It's now a little easier to say thank you, thanks to a website launched this week by six students from Olin College o...

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Rethinking Math Teaching

I've recently been binging on math-related TED Talks and all the great ideas out there almost make me wish I taught math. While I have yet to create a museum exhibit about math, wouldn't it be great to teach it like something people want to learn instead of have to learn?

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Boost Science Literacy with Music

If you ever watched Bill Nye the Science Guy, you probably remember the song parodies his episodes featured, which rewrote the lyrics of popular songs with scientific themes. Sure, getting the song stuck in your head will probably help you remember a few facts, but the benefits of music to learning science could go bey...

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Agilix develops innovative learning solutions that enable students and educators to take control of the learning experience. Agilix products include xLi, an eXtensible Learning Infrastructure for Partners and Buzz, a Personalized Learning System for mastery-based learning.

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Mini Maker Faire: Seattle

Last weekend, the third Seattle Mini Maker Faire took over the EMP museum in Seattle Center and filled it inside and out with neat things. Billed as a place where "people show what they are making, and share what they are learning," the all-ages faire featured some fantastic projects. A few of my favorites:

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Teaching with Comics: Resources for Teachers

Over the past few weeks I’ve been exploring teaching with comics—for reading, history and social studies, art, and science. Now for a roundup of resources to help you bring comics to the classroom!

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