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Testing: Why We Need More of It. Lots More.

Let’s give testing back the power to enrich and improve learning. And if the role if high-stakes testing is to ensure equity, let’s focus on making the tests equitable. Or are we too addicted to a simplistic view of tests, to causation/correlation fallacies, and to outdated metaphors of school to make abundant ac...

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How Can Data Increase College Access for All?

What is particularly powerful about the Datapalooza, and indeed the overall approach of the current administration towards open data and innovation, is that it sets audacious goals while fostering an environment for entrepreneurial solutions that together provides the tools to achieve them.

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Teaching and Learning at Acton – Without the Teaching

Acton Academy has evolved over time from a few homeschooling families to a one room schoolhouse (well, two rooms now) teaching 37 students in a primary and a middle school with plans for a high school in 2016.

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Disrupting Pedagogy – Part 2

And only if, innovators develop digital content that supports authentic pedagogy – and that provides sufficient context for students to understand, not just memorize – and then make that available for adoption and co-evolution within on-line schools and other smaller markets.

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Disrupting Pedagogy – Part 1

The Clayton Christensen Institute recently published a paper that goes much further, describing the unique characteristics of the education system as a market and introducing us to the theory of hybrid innovation. Michael Horn explains that a key characteristic in the education market that changes how disruptive innov...

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PresenceLearning is the leading provider of online speech therapy and other special education-related services. PresenceLearning’s nationwide network of hundreds of highly qualified clinicians includes speech language pathologists (SLPs), occupational therapists (OTs) and other related services professionals.

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A New Breed of Apps Puts Joy Back in Math Learning

Wuzzit Trouble is a true game, not a rote practice application or the so-called chocolate-covered broccoli that places a veneer of gamification over traditional drill. The game is not a reward for correctly answering math problems, the game is it’s own reward and math skills are a mere side effect of play.

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The Metaphor of Disruptive Innovation

Metaphors are how we, as humans, explain one thing in terms of another, for example understanding a logical argument as a building: “That argument has a strong foundation,” or “That argument crumbled under my assault.”

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