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Seeing is Believing: The Awesomeness that is zSpace

You see, when I think about my recent test-drive of the zSpace System, which is defined by the self-titled technology provider as “a virtual reality environment for immersive exploration, visualization, and learning,” I find myself with a swirling brain full of positive adjectives that ironically render me nearly s...

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The Classroom & Learning in 5 Years: Impossible to Envision?

My New Balance-cushioned pace has a purpose. Every stride, every inquisitive look, every piece of educational bling-bling has me pondering, “What will the classroom and learning look like in five years?”

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Ignite Sessions: The New Faculty Meetings?

Hey, educational administrators, were you listening at ISTE’s 1st round of the Ignite sessions? If so, you may have walked away with a revolutionary way to conduct future faculty meetings.

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The #ISTE2014 Conference Survival Guide

Especially for first-time ISTE attendees, the result can be a lack of clarity and an inability to apply the amazing ideas, technology tools, and “Aha!” moments that were so apparent and simple in real time. The ISTE Conference Survival Guide is here. However, there is no need to fear. The ISTE Conference Surviva...

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The Undeniable #EdChat Wisdom of Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump and EdTech may not seem a likely connection. Although often misunderstood, this character is a wealth of information, and for those of us interested in the EdTech world, there is a lot that we can relate to and learn from his undeniable and untraditional wisdom.

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Agilix develops innovative learning solutions that enable students and educators to take control of the learning experience. Agilix products include xLi, an eXtensible Learning Infrastructure for Partners and Buzz, a Personalized Learning System for mastery-based learning.



EdPuzzle: A Piece of the Blended Solution

For the past eighteen years, the professional puzzle I have been most interested in stems from one question: “What resources and tools must I learn to continually evolve with the changing educational landscape in order to provide and co-create an effective and rocking learning space?” Well, I believe I just foun...

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50 End-of-School-Year, Self-Probing Questions for Educators

If I were my teacher this school year, would I have liked me?

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