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An EdChat Soundtrack: 60 Songs to Keep Your Class Jammin’

Pretend this: every day of your teaching career there is a gigantic boombox (Yes, I was raised in the '80s) hovering just above your head. It includes a very intuitive and accurate D.J. who constantly selects just the right song at the right time.

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Do You Know Me? The Voice of a Disgruntled Student in a Boring Class

“Ignited by the opportunity for creative expression and fueled by talent-based, intrinsic motivation, students will relentlessly pursue higher truths and knowledge to create lives replete with challenges, service, integrity, happiness, fulfillment, and success.” We can call this standard TSBR-US1 (“This Should Be...

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A Smartphone Mic & QR Code Jukebox

Once again, a class of courageous and innovative students proved this project to be a success by creating a QR code jukebox with their smartphone mics.

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A Bunch of B.S.: The Antidote for #EdTech Negativity

It was his third bit of advice, one that was also forever engrained in me through two amazing parents, that I have pledged to honor all my life. My professor said, “John, it really is this simple: you can be positive…or you can be negative. You know what each energy earns you. It’s your choice.”

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EPiCC Academy: An In-Flight Blended Learning Update

Resting sturdily on “Endless Possibilities in Creativity and Collaboration,” the goal of E.P.i.C.C. Academy is to provide all students with engaging, innovative, and shared learning experiences that transcend the boundaries of a brick-and-mortar classroom.

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Rosetta Stone

For nearly 20 years Rosetta Stone has helped educators in K-12 schools deliver innovative solutions to expand language programs. Our goal is to provide the best research-based language-learning technology and ensure the success of students, teachers, and administrators.

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Introducing Our Widbook E-book

So, without further delay (but please imagine a thematic drumroll here), I present you with our Widbook e-book…a study guide for Washington Irving’s famous short story.

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The Perimeter, the Players, and the Offering: An Interactive Learning Structure

My conversations with the students as I circulated the classroom revealed this truth. I looked over my fifty-plus learning structures to see which one fit best, and I discovered the need for a totally new structure, one that accommodated the literature and standards, the current students, and our classroom. So, out of...

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