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Making Personalized Learning Plans Personal

Personalized learning plans won’t reach their full potential until students can pursue those plans each day at school.

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OpenEd Releases It’s First OER App

OpenEd uses a machine-learning based recommendation engine to align resources to standards. OpenEd also uses subject matter experts in both knowledge domains and the Common Core to validate those alignments.

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Designing Your School of Choice: mySchool

If I did a school-of-choice Kickstarter, it would go something like this: I would combine two of my favorite brick-and-mortar school models and bring in some high-powered adaptive learning machines and virtual options to develop my school, or mySchool. Let’s take a look . . . .

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Big Data: The Quest to Assuage Assange Fears

This year, Big Data has given us the farthest reaching look into the future yet, and it’s a very exciting and promising future. Big Data is going to help us personalize education and usher in adaptive learning. The transformative change we are looking for depends on this data and the machines that use it.

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Edmodo – Making It Personal with 40+ Apps

The Edmodo App Store has really allowed Edmodo to reach its full potential. With over 500 apps, all educators can find tools that impact the classroom.

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Agilix develops innovative learning solutions that enable students and educators to take control of the learning experience. Agilix products include xLi, an eXtensible Learning Infrastructure for Partners and Buzz, a Personalized Learning System for mastery-based learning.



Z-enders Game

Gen Zs are resilient. Digital content and constant gaming have not only rewired their minds, it’s also led them to disregard “no-win scenarios.” This is the generation that cheats on the Kobayashi Maru test.

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iAnnotate 3.0 on Sale in the App Store

Annotators are people who get nervous and antsy when they’re reading any kind of text, and they don’t have a pen in their hands to mark it up with. Annotators don’t just consume, they devour. This is what we want from our students.

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