Blended Learning, So Hot Right Now.

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Blended learning is so “hot” right now. Since 2010, more than 4 million K–12 students have participated in some form of blended learning and that number continues to grow, along with the development of best practices. A new white paper, released today from Dreambox Learning, Inc, in partnership with Getting Smart, provides a snapshot of these trends. “Blended Learning Innovations: 10 Major Trends,” takes a look into how these trends are revolutionizing how students learn and  how they are working in three elementary mathematics classrooms.

The 10 trends outlined are:

  1. The deeply student-centered learning experience

  2. Soaring numbers of digital learners

  3. Supporting standards and higher-order thinking skills

  4. Realizing benefits for both teachers and students

  5. Data-driven instruction to personalize learning

  6. Personalized learning accompanied by a lean, blended, interative approach

  7. Productive gamification

  8. The mobile world is where learners live now

  9. BYOD is here and key to active three-screen days

  10. More broadband, please

Dig deeper into these trends during a webinar two webinars: Blended Learning: Best Practices for Empowering Students and Educators on March 20 at 2pm EST and Blended Learning: Trends and Innovative Approaches on March 27 at 2pm EST.

Learn more and download the full paper here. Join the conversation on Twitter with the hashtags #MathChat, #BlendedLearning & #BLTrends. DreamBox is also active on Facebook and Twitter at @DreamBox_Learn.

DreamBox is a Getting Smart Advocacy Partner. 

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