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Crowdsourcing Hashtags for Connected Educators Month

Celebrate Connected Educators Month by sharing the hashtags you use to to stay connected, engaged and smart in all things EdTech with #SmartCE on Twitter.

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3 Smart Twitter Chats for Connected Educators Month

Announcing the 2014 Getting Smart Connected Educators Month Twitter Chats: Getting Smart on Social Media, Smart Cities: Talent Development, and TwitPic Your Connection Tools. Mark your calendars and ready your handles for Wednesdays!

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Student at Magnolia montessori


Magnolia Montessori Begins to Bloom

Magnolia Montessori in Austin, TX proves it’s not the building that makes a school great, its the culture.

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Re-Imagining School Info

What if report cards were more than static info? CompetencyWorks' Chris Sturgis asks this while introducing the My School Info Challenge, a competition to reimagine school report cards.

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Planning for Long Term Success through Sustainability and Scalability

For the Horry County School District (HCS) sustainability is key to each and every decision made. Check out how only a couple years into their personalized, digital learning initiative, they are reaching financial sustainability to secure long term success.

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Agilix develops innovative learning solutions that enable students and educators to take control of the learning experience. Agilix products include xLi, an eXtensible Learning Infrastructure for Partners and Buzz, a Personalized Learning System for mastery-based learning.

Taming Time


5 Teaching Habits to Tame Time

Something kicks my posterior way too often. It’s a frenemy of mine, you see. Yep, that’s right. FREN-E-MY. Think of polar opposites. Some days are swing and duck, while others are smile and enjoy good luck. Oh, yeah. Are you picking up what I’m laying down? I’m speaking of that ceaseless, consistent, and never-...

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High School Student At Desk In Class Using Digital Tablet


A New Start on Accountability

Building off the new blog series, #TheNewAccountability, how student-centered learning, meaningful data, and innovation zones can improve school accountability systems.

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