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EdTech 10: Your Holiday Travel Companion

This week’s EdTech stories to enjoy as you catch a ride, wait for your flight, or ride the train to wherever the season brings you.

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Bringing Data to the School Enrollment Game

By: Steven Hodas. How data should be used in the decision process of schools to better support families and the solutions such as an API to help students and parents make important decisions.

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Drawing Idea Pencil And Light Bulb Concept Outside The Book As C

Bringing Literature to Life Can Be Square

An interactive learning structure that brings literature to life by adding music, art, acting, speaking, and student creativity.

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The Future of Assessment

New report by Sir Michael Barber and Dr. Peter Hill outlines six key features of the education revolution and shares how we are on the brink of an assessment renaissance that will help secure high standards for all.

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Betting on a Better Counseling Approach for College and Careers

By: Scott Emerick & Clare Bertand. Closing the opportunity divide requires innovative solutions that empowers young adults to be informed consumers making choices that connect education, training, and meaningful career pathways.

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Accountability in Education: How Design Can Accelerate Innovation

By: Omid Jahanbin. The power of design to cut through the chaff and produce real results is becoming ever more essential to progress and action. A great example of this progress can be seen recently in education

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Building A _____ Learning Movement

Deeper learning, the ideal starting point for building a foundation of common goals upon which all other blended, competency-based, digital, personalized, and online learning movements can be built.

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