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Smart Cities: Washington D.C.

A look inside the great things happening for learners in Washington D.C.

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Google Docs Add-Ons


3 Useful Google Docs Add-Ons

Google Docs Add-Ons are new tools created by 3rd party developers that add functionality to Google Docs. Here are a three of my favorite Add-Ons, which I believe are well-suited for teachers and students.

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TRECA: Supporting Schools, Developing Leaders

Most education conferences continue to use theater seating, microphones on draped tables, and panels that go bla, bla, bla--no evidence that anyone planning the session considered anything about adult learners. It’s refreshing to work with someone like TRECA team who works hard to create powerful learning experiences...

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OECD: Innovation Can Improve Learning, Equity, Efficiency and the Economy

“Innovation in the public sector in general, and in education in particular, could be a major driver for significant welfare gains,” says a new report from the OECD, Measuring Innovation in Education.

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Teacher with students in computing class


Middle Grade Humanities: Going Beyond the English Class

The middle grades serve as important years for students to immerse themselves in reading and writing across content areas. Schools are increasingly finding ways to create opportunities for students to write and read in content areas that go beyond the English class.

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Empower your students to master key concepts, increase achievement and boost long-lasting confidence with DreamBox® Intelligent Adaptive Learning™ Pre-K to Grade 5 Math.

Becky Koop


Blended Reading Success in the Intermediate Grades

Cypress-Fairbanks principal Becky Koop has had success with READ 180, a blended learning reading program.

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Playing to Win: How Game-based Social Skills Interventions Can Help Kids Make Friends and Succeed Academically

By: Melissa DeRosier, Ph.D. Social skills are often overlooked as a key part of the student success equation, but evidence suggests that positive social skills, such as emotion management, conflict resolution, empathy, and the ability to assess social situations and act appropriately, are just as important as the skill...

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