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Staying Connected to Fulton’s Teachers: One District’s Approach to Boost Teacher Morale

School superintendent Robert Avossa is on a quest to visit all 100 Fulton County schools within a year. He’s already been to 70, traversing a 75 mile swath of metro Atlanta, Georgia. His Staying Connected visits, held before or after school, are voluntary, but teachers flock to them.

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An Elementary Edcamp- An Unconference for Students

So how do you get started? I would get familiar with the edcamp model or even attend one (not required) to fully see one in action. See how the session board is setup, how sessions go and who partakes, maybe even you. This will help you share with your students. It did for me. Then if you are using Google Apps in Educa...

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Finding New Professional Development at edcamp

What better place to brainstorm around the issue of professional development than at edcamp? Yesterday, a small group of educators at edcamp Portland (#edcamppdx) put their heads together and devised a solution.

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Edcamp: Innovation In Professional Development

Professional development (PD) opportunities for educators today are still relatively limited to seasonal workshops and conferences. While this can be the preferred model for district administrators when looking at continuing education requirements, teachers are finding ways shake up the idea of traditional ongoing prof...

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