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Common High Expectations: A Conversation With Mayor Kevin Johnson

Mayor Kevin Johnson sits down with Tom to talk Common Core, his leadership with the United States Conference of Mayors, and his mission to make Sacramento “a city that works for everyone.”

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10 Smartest Cities: Leading on Innovation

We ranked cities on a dozen dimensions including the level of innovation in school districts and charter schools. Here are our top 10.

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How Smart Cities Develop Teachers & Leaders

How smart cities and a regional approach to talent development can share the load and create an ecosystem that continues to improve. And, how a blended and job-embedded approach to talent development creates the opportunity for personalized learning and ensures highly relevant support for real challenges.

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10 Ways Cities Can Foster a Climate of Improvement and Innovation

A hunch is catching on that ecosystems matter for producing and scaling innovation. This hypothesis is based on two significant threads of evidence—talent and tech ecosystems.

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101 Learning Leaders at #iNACOL14

One of the best things about the iNACOL 2014 Symposium is the crowd of blended and online learning #SmartLeaders. Here’s our list of 100 interesting people we met at #iNACOL14 who you should know.

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Six Red Marbles

Six Red Marbles creates interactive learning programs and online courses for schools, publishers, universities, and education services companies. Our Natural Learning(tm) approach unleashes the potential in all learners, accelerating their achievement and making the world just a little bit better.


Smart Cities Dialogue: Sparking an Urban Revolution

The Smart Cities template requires community dialogue for local adaptation. We modeled a quick version of that at #iNACOL14 this week in Palm Springs, CA featuring some contributing authors as session leaders

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Cities That Work for Everyone

New tools and schools are making it possible for individuals, organizations and cities to boost learning outcomes. Smart Cities starts with a handful of people with innovation mindsets--a combination of persistence, entrepreneurship and a collaborative focus on impact.

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