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9 #EdTech Problems You’re Facing

The 21st century is here and it’s brought some baggage. How will you turn it into an opportunity? Teachers, which of the above most resonates with you?

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It’s a Geometric World!

To date, we have 25 blog entries detailing the progress of our PBL project through student voice and pictures. The following links to a blog about Day 16 of our project. http://ksmithschool.wordpress.com/2014/03/17/geometric16/

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Let’s Persevere With College and Career Ready

By: JoEllen Lynch. I get frustrated sometimes that we refuse to commit resources to the adolescents we have and continue to fail in our systems. We need the people, tools and models to get all students work and college ready.

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Lessons from KIPP Math Blends

The KIPP Chicago team found that strong classroom management is key to ensuring success of instructional technology. They also found that teachers benefit most from synthesized, actionable data--and training on how to use it. Teachers need to know how to use the programs.

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An EdChat Soundtrack: 60 Songs to Keep Your Class Jammin’

Pretend this: every day of your teaching career there is a gigantic boombox (Yes, I was raised in the '80s) hovering just above your head. It includes a very intuitive and accurate D.J. who constantly selects just the right song at the right time.

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Digital Learning Now!

Digital Learning Now! is a national campaign to advance policies that will create a high quality digital learning environment to better prepare students with the knowledge and skills to succeed in college and careers.

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Innovation Series: We’re All Biased

If we’re honest, we can admit our bias to the status quo. We love our modern conveniences and can’t live without the innovations that we have, but we don’t believe we need anything any more innovation.

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Keep It Simple

The best piece of advice I’ve ever heard about teaching was from a professional educator high up in the ranks of a California CMO. Using backward design, he said to, “start with the ‘aha’ moment of a student then plan and build backwards to see how to get there.” It’s brilliant and it’s simple.

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