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Coding in the Classroom: Here to Stay

By: Eric Nentrup. Embracing coding may seem like a daunting task. But that’s changing thanks to organizations such as Code.org and their annual event Hour of Code.

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Listening to Learn: The Impact of Tuning In

By: Monica Brady-Myerov. Why we must work to build better listening measures so we can build better listeners, and in turn, better learners.

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How Not to Get Fired Implementing Next Gen Learning

It can be very complicated implementing next gen models. In fact, the work is challenging enough that it's introducing new ways for principals and superintendents to get fired.

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Ed.Gov Wants Your Advice on High Impact Evaluations

Ed.gov asked for advice on evaluations that could make a difference. Here’s our list of 10 potentially important studies.

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Movies Remind Us, Even Scientific Quests are Personal Ones

By: Janine Ingram. As both new movies, 'Interstellar' and 'The Theory of Everything' explore, it all comes down to this value proposition... What knowledge will we seek, what places will we go, what will we risk, what will we invest in – for those we love?

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Foundation for Excellence in Education

The Foundation for Excellence in Education is igniting a movement of reform, state by state, to transform education for the 21st century economy. Excellence in Action, the organization’s flagship initiative, is working with lawmakers and policymakers to advance education reform across America.



Rand Study Says Personalized Learning Boosts Academic Gains

A Gates Foundation funded report indicated that public charter school students are making greater gains in math and reading than similar students at comparable schools.

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EdTech 10: From #iNACOL14, With Love

This week's EdTech 10 highlights news and developments from the 2014 iNACOL conference in Palm Springs, CA and beyond.

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