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Bringing Schools Into the 21st Century

By: James Walker. Web based tools are creating market shifts like never before. As online schooling opens for all ages, learn how to figure out which online offerings are right for your school.

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Why We Should Know Our Bigger History

A very compelling reason to teach “big history” may be simply to cultivate these qualities in our children. If Big History Project accomplishes this (by teaching "big history" as its name suggests), then teaching it may change the outcome of life on our planet for future generations. Perhaps this is a big feat for ...

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65 Best Non-Fiction Books of All Time

In the spirit of the 10 best books challenge that is ricocheting around on social media, here are my top 65 non-fiction page turners.

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EdTech 10: Bring (or Wear) Your Own Device #BYOD

This week's top 10 list includes digital developments, policy updates, advancements in technology and more. Read more and get up to speed with EdTech news.

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Progress Report: Ohio Straight A Fund

By: Michael Harlow. In Jan. 2013, Ohio Governor John Kasich introduced the idea of a competitive grant challenge to infuse innovative practices into Ohio’s K-12 schools which became known as the Straight A Innovation Fund. These dollars have been used towards fostering better learning environments for students. He...

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Literacy Design Collaborative

Literacy Design Collaborative (LDC) is a national community of educators providing a teacher-designed and research-proven framework, online tools, and resources for creating literacy-rich assignments and courses across content areas.

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The Great Skills-Based Education Land Grab

By: Jeremy Johnson. There's a skill gap that is creating an alarming dilemma — especially for educators. While higher education works on a four-year cycle, the technology cycle changes every 18 to 24 months. Many traditional institutions simply aren’t prepared for these rapid changes in technology. Skills-based edu...

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30 Attributes of Next Gen Learning

The learning opportunity set improves every month with new tools powering new experiences and environments. By 2020 I'm confident the learning landscape will dramatically improve. Here are 10 successes, 10 LX attributes and 10 system attributes that will make up next gen learning.

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