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Not Adding Up

With the adoption and implementation of programs designed to be adaptable to the student, more doors are opened to achieve. I wouldn’t have dreaded going to class because I didn’t want to feel stupid.

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Do You Know Me? The Voice of a Disgruntled Student in a Boring Class

“Ignited by the opportunity for creative expression and fueled by talent-based, intrinsic motivation, students will relentlessly pursue higher truths and knowledge to create lives replete with challenges, service, integrity, happiness, fulfillment, and success.” We can call this standard TSBR-US1 (“This Should Be...

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Yik Yak, Geofencing and the Future of BYOD

By: Kirsten Winkler. But if we take Yik Yak as a precedent there will be voices who call for more and better control over devices that are brought into school.

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Teaching Channel: An Online Community Improving Practice

The mission of the Teaching Channel is "to revolutionize how teachers learn, connect, and inspire each other to improve the outcomes for all K-12 students across America." It looks like they are well on their way.

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I Show What I Know

At my Montessori school you get to choose your own works, choose your spots to work and you don’t have to stay in a desk. You get to do the works by yourself and sometimes you get to do partner works. You get to move freely around.

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advocacy partner

Rosetta Stone

For nearly 20 years Rosetta Stone has helped educators in K-12 schools deliver innovative solutions to expand language programs. Our goal is to provide the best research-based language-learning technology and ensure the success of students, teachers, and administrators.

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Sheninger Encourages Educators to Build Schools that Work for Students

Gone should be the days where students are chastised for forgetting to bring a pencil to class and being caught with an Internet-enabled device instead. Sheninger believes that “Our challenge is to create schools that work for kids [rather than] schools that simply work for us.”

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A Smartphone Mic & QR Code Jukebox

Once again, a class of courageous and innovative students proved this project to be a success by creating a QR code jukebox with their smartphone mics.

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