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9 #EdTech Problems You’re Facing

The 21st century is here and it’s brought some baggage. How will you turn it into an opportunity? Teachers, which of the above most resonates with you?

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New! Blended Learning Infographic

A critical component of a rigorous blended learning model is quality digital learning time, filled with digital curriculum aligned to classroom curriculum. Learn more about harnessing the power of digital curriculum in the blended learning classroom in this new infographic by Compass Learning.

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It’s a Geometric World!

To date, we have 25 blog entries detailing the progress of our PBL project through student voice and pictures. The following links to a blog about Day 16 of our project.

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Pin for Math Awareness: 10 Math Pinterest Boards to Follow

In April, I turn to the social media site to help build math awareness. Whether you are a math expert, a teacher, a parent, or anything in-between, check out these 10 boards to see how pinterest has helped create a new way to engage in mathematics. Happy Math Awareness Month!

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Boost Science Literacy with Music

If you ever watched Bill Nye the Science Guy, you probably remember the song parodies his episodes featured, which rewrote the lyrics of popular songs with scientific themes. Sure, getting the song stuck in your head will probably help you remember a few facts, but the benefits of music to learning science could go bey...

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advocacy partner

MIND Research Institute

The nonprofit MIND Research Institute is dedicated to solving math education in America. Its uniquely visually-based ST Math instructional software program is helping children across the country dramatically improve their math proficiency and become life-long learners for today’s innovation-driven workplace.

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Assessing With ThingLink

Being able to see students’ work in one place is a big plus for ThingLink, especially for younger students. They don’t have to send you a link or share their work with you. You can log in and see everyone’s work. You can also leave comments for them.

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Lessons from KIPP Math Blends

The KIPP Chicago team found that strong classroom management is key to ensuring success of instructional technology. They also found that teachers benefit most from synthesized, actionable data--and training on how to use it. Teachers need to know how to use the programs.

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