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Why Online School? Why Full Time?

Yesterday our friends at Connections Academy released their 12th annual Parent Satisfaction Survey showing insight into why parents and students use online schools full-time.

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Internet Safety Month: Protect Your Digital Footprint

Today’s teens consume Social Media every day – perhaps every five minutes in many cases! How often, though, do they consider the implications of their online activities?

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Project Ed Inspires Students to Create Their Own Summer Blockbuster and Tackle the Summer Slide

Run, hide, it’s coming! No, it’s not Godzilla—it’s another terrifying foe for all educators: the summer slide. It’s the notorious effect that rears its ugly head in the fall: the phenomenon of students losing learning during summer vacation.

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EdPuzzle: A Piece of the Blended Solution

For the past eighteen years, the professional puzzle I have been most interested in stems from one question: “What resources and tools must I learn to continually evolve with the changing educational landscape in order to provide and co-create an effective and rocking learning space?” Well, I believe I just foun...

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Canvas by Instructure: The Perfect LMS? Quite Possibly

Occasionally, things are not “too good to be true.” They are just that good and that true.

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K12 Inc.

K12 Inc. is leading the transformation to individualized learning as the nation's foremost provider of technology-powered online solutions for students in pre-kindergarten through high school.

Math is more than a set of problems in a textbook


Math@Work: Showing Students the Real World Value of Mathematics

Student motivation is key in any classroom, but it is especially vital in middle school math classrooms, where students are at a make or break stage in their math careers.

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New Common Core Math Missions Launch on Khan Academy

Today, Khan announced they decided to take the harder of the two roads and are proud to announce their comprehensive set of new student missions directly linked to the Common Core Kindergarten thru High School Math Standards.

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