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Let’s Persevere With College and Career Ready

By: JoEllen Lynch. I get frustrated sometimes that we refuse to commit resources to the adolescents we have and continue to fail in our systems. We need the people, tools and models to get all students work and college ready.

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EdTech 10: Spring Fever

Spring has sprung and is overflowing with exciting launches and announcements of new products and tools. Here are this week’s 10 most exciting “sprouts” we picked out of the EdTech “garden.”

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Making Math 3D

As you might have guessed, the math teacher in me can’t help but immediately think about how I would use this idea in the classroom, and the truth is there are a number of ways that a 3D printer can advance students conceptual understanding of fundamental and complex mathematics.

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Project Breaker Brings Entrepreneur Spirit to Portland, OR

The challenge will be run from May 4th to 19th, teams of 17-­24 year old students from across Portland will research local manufacturing then design and test the viability and social impact of business opportunities they identify.

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Do You Know Me? The Voice of a Disgruntled Student in a Boring Class

“Ignited by the opportunity for creative expression and fueled by talent-based, intrinsic motivation, students will relentlessly pursue higher truths and knowledge to create lives replete with challenges, service, integrity, happiness, fulfillment, and success.” We can call this standard TSBR-US1 (“This Should Be...

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MIND Research Institute

The nonprofit MIND Research Institute is dedicated to solving math education in America. Its uniquely visually-based ST Math instructional software program is helping children across the country dramatically improve their math proficiency and become life-long learners for today’s innovation-driven workplace.



Yik Yak, Geofencing and the Future of BYOD

By: Kirsten Winkler. But if we take Yik Yak as a precedent there will be voices who call for more and better control over devices that are brought into school.

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The 4 Characteristics of Great 21st Century Resumes

So, whether you are in the process of revising your resume or curriculum vitae to apply for new positions this Spring or are simply wanting to stay up-to-date, the following are four characteristics of great resumes that will further brand you as a 21st century educator.

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