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‘Digital Leadership’ a Must-Read for Educators at All Levels

Throughout his book, Sheninger shares narratives of actual educators in actual schools who have acknowledged the need to leverage educational technology for learning and successfully done so through their vision and a willingness to act.

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The Need for Design, Planning & Implementation Support

This is not “EdReform.” We’re going through a phase change, one that is fundamentally altering the way human beings learn and develop, how they communicate their capabilities, and how the work and relate to the world.

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5 Ideas Likely to Make a Big Impact

The great thing about the IFC audience is the unusual commitment to impact and entrepreneurship.

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10 Principles of Sustainable EdTech Implementation

Regardless of what kind of technology is available to you, the Digital Age that we teach and learn in requires principals and teachers to stop asking why they should be using technology in the classroom and start asking how they can maximize the tools they have available to them to enhance student achievement.

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IFC on Rethinking Education

As a member of the World Bank Group, International Finance Corporation (IFC) has big goals: end extreme poverty by 2030 and boost shared prosperity—in every developing country.

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Florida Virtual School

Florida Virtual School® (FLVS®) is a fully accredited public school district with an established history of successfully educating students. An award-winning, international leader in online learning, FLVS offers access to more than 120 core, AP®, and elective courses to students all over the world.

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Project Breaker Brings Entrepreneur Spirit to Portland, OR

The challenge will be run from May 4th to 19th, teams of 17-­24 year old students from across Portland will research local manufacturing then design and test the viability and social impact of business opportunities they identify.

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What’s Your Teacher’s Story? Share it In Our Contest!

By: Amy Threewitt. Our organization, which empowers parents and students to advocate for choice in public schools, kicks off the annual American Pioneer of Teaching Award contest on April 1. What makes our competition unique is that it spotlights teachers who’ve selected the education profession’s road less taken, ...

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