Las Vegas: Downtown Project, Blended Progress

“Education is the bedrock on which a truly great city is built,” according to Tony Hsieh. His Downtown Projects is reshaping the old city center north of the Vegas Strip. Clark Co has some great magnets and blending learning plans.

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Quality Collective Impact = Impactful Innovation

By: Jeff Edmonson and Greg Landsman. Collective impact is wonderful concept that is at the risk of becoming yet another social sector buzz word. Investors, researchers and practitioners are all confused as they look for solid examples, but instead find cases where the word “collaboration” seems to have been replac...

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EdTech 10: “A” is for Access

The letter of the week is “A” for Access, and this week we noticed meaningful movement in expanding it! Check out this week’s top ten edtech news stories that reveal student access to high-quality learning opportunities is on the rise.

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Course Access Can Expand Learning Opportunities to Underserved Students

Newly released, “Leading in an Era of Change: Making the Most of Course Access Programs,” highlights policies and signals an important evolution from school choice to course choice.

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Why Harbormasters Are Critical to a City’s Ecosystem

By: Kristoffer Haines. There is no greater lift a city will realize for its children than the moment its harbormaster sets out to be the gravity for the creation of high-quality options.

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Fulton County Schools Launches New Process for Hiring Teachers

Atlanta Georgia's Fulton Country Schools have implemented a new Teacher Selection Model (TSM), creating a better way to judge potential teacher effectiveness, through a more rigorous selection process for hiring.

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10 Things Superintendents Should Do Now

A discussion with a group of Ohio superintendents led to a list of ten projects we discussed for fall 2014.

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