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Where Friday Night Lights Meets Project-Based Learning

By: Grant Ryerse. Participating in a fundraising project for cancer research at my school helps me positively impact my community and myself through project-based learning.

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Five Tips for Testing the Place-Based Education Waters

By: Jennifer Pieratt. The open-endedness of planning Place-Based Education can quickly go from exhilarating to overwhelming, so here are five tips to help teachers just dip their toe in the deeper learning pool.

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Can Vision Planning Ward Off the Politics of Education?

I have been involved with the “Vision Committee” in my district for almost a year now, and this committee has served as an excellent template for creating meaning for its members, instead of just more work.

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20 Schools and Networks That Educate With A Sense of Place

An illustrative list of 20 U.S. schools implementing Place-Based Education by taking advantage of local geography to create authentic, meaningful and engaging personalized learning for students.

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5 Ways To Get Parents Involved in Student Learning Beyond Homework

By: Vlada Lotkina. Research shows U.S. schools assign a lot of homework, especially in lower grades. However, getting parents involved in their student's learning can help alleviate this growing issue, and here are five ways teachers suggest doing this.

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College Spark Washington

College Spark Washington funds programs across Washington state that help low-income students become college-ready and earn their degrees.



Building Your Personal Brand Through Social Impact

By: Jeff Edmondson. There are so many ways for an individual to express their individuality, so I encourage #GenDIYers to really set themselves apart and build their personal brand through collective impact in their community.

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Blog Series

Project-Based and Place-Based Learning in New Tech Schools

By: Julie McBride. Here are two examples of how New Tech Network schools often engage in project-based and place-based learning experiences that leverage partnerships and community assets for authentic and meaningful student learning.

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