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4 Strategies to Bring History to Life For Students

By: Sophia Sineath. It can be difficult for teachers to find the time to explore inquiry-based learning, but here are four strategies to help unlock the power of history for students by discovering the primary resources found in local archives.

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New Schools Flourish in Phoenix

We've been visiting cities all over the country and, for places like Phoenix, it's clear that any city making progress in education is doing so with an active intermediation layer.

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4 Lessons Learned from a Silicon Valley School Tour

By: Laura Gilchrist . A Kansas City teacher shares four lessons learned from her recent Silicon Valley school tour that she feels can help her and other community leaders empower their students to create, learn and lead in school and community.

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Does Your Curriculum Have a Growth Mindset?

By: Susan Santone. Cultural relevance and social action can help kids shift the narrative of their lives and futures, encouraging their optimism, agency and collaboration--all elements of the growth mindsets needed for academic and SEL development.

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Learning (and Teaching) Leadership in the Early Grades

Mukilteo Elementary School in Washington State teaches students leadership skills by implementing FranklinCovey's The Leader In Me, a program designed to teach the '7 Habits of Successful People' to younger students.

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Empower your students to master key concepts, increase achievement and boost long-lasting confidence with DreamBox® Intelligent Adaptive Learning™ Pre-K to Grade 5 Math.

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3 Elements of Deeper Project-Based Learning

By: Loretta Goodwin. Conversations with students, teachers and administrators at Arlington Career Center reveal three key factors driving the enthusiasm and success of its deeper project-based learning program.

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Seeking Adventure with Purpose, Gaining Trust and Support

By: Judith Stalter. Through programs such as the Peace Corps, you can learn hard and soft skills that will benefit you in life through real world experiences while serving a community in need.

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