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Pin for Math Awareness: 10 Math Pinterest Boards to Follow

In April, I turn to the social media site to help build math awareness. Whether you are a math expert, a teacher, a parent, or anything in-between, check out these 10 boards to see how pinterest has helped create a new way to engage in mathematics. Happy Math Awareness Month!

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An EdChat Soundtrack: 60 Songs to Keep Your Class Jammin’

Pretend this: every day of your teaching career there is a gigantic boombox (Yes, I was raised in the '80s) hovering just above your head. It includes a very intuitive and accurate D.J. who constantly selects just the right song at the right time.

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Infographic: A Simple Recipe to Create a Better Yearbook

We are excited to share this new infographic that illustrates how even traditional school icons, like the yearbook, are transforming to stay relevant and important to the students of today. TreeRing is the Next Gen yearbook company, allowing students to capture their memories at the level that they are now expecting- w...

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Digital Citizenship: There’s an App for That From

Simply limiting or restricting access is not the answer to keeping students safe. Students need to use the tools that will help them learn their best at any time and anywhere. As a result, has developed a brand new Digital Citizenship App, specifically designed for middle and high school students, to teach...

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EdTech 10: No Joke

We think EdTech (and, more broadly, innovations in learning) is one of the four great change forces of our time--no joke (not even this week). But brace yourself, we are now in the long stretch to summer. To keep you energized we’ll be covering great math stories as we celebrate Math Awareness Month.

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Rosetta Stone

For nearly 20 years Rosetta Stone has helped educators in K-12 schools deliver innovative solutions to expand language programs. Our goal is to provide the best research-based language-learning technology and ensure the success of students, teachers, and administrators.



The Long Stretch Until Summer

Your day-to-day is anything but ordinary. Each day you have the opportunity to reach students in a way that nobody else can. You will spend more time with them in a given day than some of their parents. Your "boring" life involves shaping the future.

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Yik Yak, Geofencing and the Future of BYOD

By: Kirsten Winkler. But if we take Yik Yak as a precedent there will be voices who call for more and better control over devices that are brought into school.

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