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Project Lead The Way Continues Leading the Way in Blended STEM

Project Lead the Way (PLTW) is a provider of STEM curriculum for U.S. elementary, middle, and high schools.

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EdTech 10: “A” is for Access

The letter of the week is “A” for Access, and this week we noticed meaningful movement in expanding it! Check out this week’s top ten edtech news stories that reveal student access to high-quality learning opportunities is on the rise.

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Please Share my Children’s Data

As a parent, I demand the right to have my children’s data used by schools, researchers, content providers, and other 3rd parties. My kids deserve no less than for their learning institutions to use every tool possible to improve their education and enhance their learning.

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Making the LMS Decision

Choosing an LMS can be a difficult for schools and districts, however it is a key decision in the planning of any blended learning environment. We recently talked with Megan Leich, Campus Coordinator for the BlendEd Consortium on how BlendEd approached such an important decision.

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It’s Time: Connecting What Students Need & What Entrepreneurs Create

By: Stacey Childress. Pull mechanism refers to things like challenges, prizes, and advanced market commitments – ways of paying for innovations based on their actual performance. This in contrast to government agencies and philanthropists making upfront investments in design and development of solutions and then “p...

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Rosetta Stone

For nearly 20 years Rosetta Stone has helped educators in K-12 schools deliver innovative solutions to expand language programs. Our goal is to provide the best research-based language-learning technology and ensure the success of students, teachers, and administrators.

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6 Ways to Promote Data-Driven Instruction in K-12 Schools

By: Jason Lange. The push for data-driven instruction has been widespread since the implementation of the No Child Left Behind Act, which was signed into law in 2002. Yet the number of individual classrooms regularly practicing DDI remains startlingly low. It would be easy to blame teachers for the slow adoption rates,...

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Using Blended Tools to Maximize Instructional Time

Based on over twenty years of research, READ 180 was developed to assess, differentiate, and quickly boost literacy skills so that struggling students could achieve success across their coursework. The program is designed to meet the instructional needs of teachers while helping students meet the rigorous expectations ...

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