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Digital Citizenship: There’s an App for That From Learning.com

Simply limiting or restricting access is not the answer to keeping students safe. Students need to use the tools that will help them learn their best at any time and anywhere. As a result, Learning.com has developed a brand new Digital Citizenship App, specifically designed for middle and high school students, to teach...

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A Smartphone Mic & QR Code Jukebox

Once again, a class of courageous and innovative students proved this project to be a success by creating a QR code jukebox with their smartphone mics.

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SXSWedu: That’s a Wrap!

As we all make our way back home and reflect on the lessons learned, hopefully everyone is ready to go out and make change- whether it be in the classroom or the community. We’re sad to see SXSWedu come to an end but we hope you enjoyed our recaps over the last few days.

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10 Things You’ll Like About The Amplify Middle Grade ELA Curriculum

Amplify unveiled a comprehensive middle school ELA curriculum at #SXSWedu today. Larry Berger called it “a rigorous attempt to get kids reading & writing at a whole new level.”

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How Can Data Increase College Access for All?

What is particularly powerful about the Datapalooza, and indeed the overall approach of the current administration towards open data and innovation, is that it sets audacious goals while fostering an environment for entrepreneurial solutions that together provides the tools to achieve them.

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Six Red Marbles

Six Red Marbles creates interactive learning programs and online courses for schools, publishers, universities, and education services companies. Our Natural Learning(tm) approach unleashes the potential in all learners, accelerating their achievement and making the world just a little bit better.

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A Slight #Engchat Re-Purposing of Widbook (Part 1)

After a solid understanding has been established, I strive to follow up with a limitless, free-thinking session that centers on one essential question: “How can this technological tool be repurposed as an educational instrument?”

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Everything is Coming Up Robots

Now I find myself learning and teaching with robots. Where once I was reading through Chaim Potok’s The Chosen asking myself which learning objectives I could met through this text, now I am searching through Youtube videos of robot challenges to find a match for my objectives for the students.

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