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9 #EdTech Problems You’re Facing

The 21st century is here and it’s brought some baggage. How will you turn it into an opportunity? Teachers, which of the above most resonates with you?

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Assessing With ThingLink

Being able to see students’ work in one place is a big plus for ThingLink, especially for younger students. They don’t have to send you a link or share their work with you. You can log in and see everyone’s work. You can also leave comments for them.

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Digital Citizenship: There’s an App for That From

Simply limiting or restricting access is not the answer to keeping students safe. Students need to use the tools that will help them learn their best at any time and anywhere. As a result, has developed a brand new Digital Citizenship App, specifically designed for middle and high school students, to teach...

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Visual Learning Math Program ST Math Expands Curricula

New ST Math programs expand the previously offered intervention and fluency programs and help to prepare students for success in Algebra 1. New programs include ST Math: Grade 6, ST Math: Middle School Supplement, and ST Math: High School Intervention.

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EdTech 10: No Joke

We think EdTech (and, more broadly, innovations in learning) is one of the four great change forces of our time--no joke (not even this week). But brace yourself, we are now in the long stretch to summer. To keep you energized we’ll be covering great math stories as we celebrate Math Awareness Month.

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Curriculum Associates

Curriculum Associates designs research-based, print and online instructional materials, assessment tools, and data management resources. We believe every student deserves the chance to succeed and with our easy-to-use i-Ready®, Ready®,and BRIGANCE® programs, we strive to make a meaningful impact on student outcomes.

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New Android App Makes Math Adaptive for Students

By: Allan Folz. From the technology stand-point, Allan reports that their apps have two fundamental features which set them apart from the typical offerings in the app marketplaces: an adaptive problem generator and screen captures of student's work.

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Infographic: The Gamification of Education

Gamification has tremendous potential in the education space. How can we use it to deliver truly meaningful experiences to students? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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