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Todo Math: Great Math App for Diverse Learners

All in all, Todo Math is a complete, well-designed app which will serve children through all stages of early elementary math education. Perfect for supplemental math practice at school or at home. And it is well worth the purchase price.

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3 Ways to Use New ThingLink for Video in the Classroom

With ThingLink for Video, teachers can enrich existing educational videos with content to actively engage students in the learning, provide resources for enrichment, and collect feedback through the use of available web tools. The possibilities are tremendous. Here are a few ways to use ThingLink for Video.

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Game-based Learning to Promote Development of Social Skills

If game-based learning can render such great results with academic content, can it serve to teach and assess social skills too? Melissa E. DeRosier PhD says, “yes!” Her new book, Social Skills Assessment Through Games: The New Best Practice explores just how this works.

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Engaging Students with QR Code Matching

At my ISTE poster session on student Tech Camp, I showed a QR code matching game that I use for hardware and software terminology. Many people liked the idea. Here’s how to do it!

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It’s Time: Connecting What Students Need & What Entrepreneurs Create

By: Stacey Childress. Pull mechanism refers to things like challenges, prizes, and advanced market commitments – ways of paying for innovations based on their actual performance. This in contrast to government agencies and philanthropists making upfront investments in design and development of solutions and then “p...

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Canvas by Instructure

Canvas by Instructure is the LMS that gets used. Canvas connects teachers, tools, ideas, and students, and then stays out of the way. With all the built-in features you need and the integrations you want, Canvas makes teaching and learning easier, enabling you to take education to a higher level.



Preparing Students and Teachers for Next-Gen Assessments

To support school leaders and teachers, EdTech companies are supporting the development of resources that help prepare both students and teachers to meet the rigors of the new standards and assessments head-on AND succeed. As part of this effort, Scholastic’s READ 180 has developed rSkills College & Career and Stretc...

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The #ISTE2014 Conference Survival Guide

Especially for first-time ISTE attendees, the result can be a lack of clarity and an inability to apply the amazing ideas, technology tools, and “Aha!” moments that were so apparent and simple in real time. The ISTE Conference Survival Guide is here. However, there is no need to fear. The ISTE Conference Surviva...

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