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Public School Kids in Pennsylvania Getting Short-Changed

After all, underfunding promising innovations hurts real children and real teachers. Blunting online public schools to a shadow of their full potential limits the potential of girls and boys with a broad range of talents, challenges, and backgrounds who find their fit in an exciting new type of public school. That shor...

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Student Chooses Online Learning to Succeed

For some kids, an online school is their school of choice. That was true for Emily Boucher, the 2012 valedictorian of the Wisconsin Virtual Academy. Her hometown newspaper recently called her, "Burlington's 'Other' Valedictorian."

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Student Warns “Doing Technology” Isn’t Enough

A guest blog this week at gave a student the chance to tell us what he thinks is important about technology in the classroom. The perspective of the learner doesn't often get much air time. What this learner has to say deserves attention.

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Online Learning Keeps Sisters Together

Two sisters from Nevada, Kaleigh and Danielle Fair, graduated from high school together the other day. As this touching video shows, the odds against these young women were extraordinary. Their school, Nevada Virtual Academy, and the teachers there evened those odds and made their journey together across the commenceme...

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Graduation Reflections From an Edreform Pioneer

Back in 2003, my family took a chance. It was a big one. Not like changing to soy milk or getting a pet snake. Not anything like that. We put our kids in a new school.

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MIND Research Institute

The nonprofit MIND Research Institute is dedicated to solving math education in America. Its uniquely visually-based ST Math instructional software program is helping children across the country dramatically improve their math proficiency and become life-long learners for today’s innovation-driven workplace.


Cyber Charters Need a Few Good Parents

Rose Fernandez writes that in developing virtual charter schools, families need to be more aggressive in stating their needs and ensuring that the schools offer a rigorous curriculum.

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